Our weekly update of the Corona news worldwide 8 – 14 June 2020



  1. Even though coronavirus cases are increasing by 1,000 each day, Russia is suddenly lifting its strict lockdown restrictions. – New York Times
  2. In the Netherlands, mink farms infected with coronavirus pose a new threat to human health. Officials had to cull thousands of mink for fear that these animals could be a new reservoir for the virus. – Science



  1. So far remdesivir, the only drug known to work against Covid-19, and the United States’s current supply will run out the week of June 29. Gilead Sciences, the company that makes the drug, is upscaling to make more, but it’s unclear how much will be available this summer. – CNN
  2. Updated modelling by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation predicts that the United States will see a fatal second wave of coronavirus infections this fall after a decrease in July and August. – CIDRAP
  3. Brazil has surpassed Italy in coronavirus deaths with over 34,000. With that being noted, the government had stopped releasing the official statistics regarding COVID-19 on the government website. However, after a court ruling, the government has resumed publishing coronavirus data. – Bloomberg, Guardian, BBC


New Zealand:

  1. With no new and no active coronavirus cases, New Zealand will put an end to its restrictions. Since the pandemic began, the country has reported only 1,504 cases and 22 deaths nationally. – New York Times



  1. Even though cases are on the rise, India has begun reopening public places. – NPR
  2. In Singapore, half of the new coronaviruses are symptomless. – Reuters


Research & Technology:

  1. Genetically modified cows are being deployed to create human antibodies that may be protective against COVID-19. A biotech company in South Dakota is set to begin clinical trials of the method this summer. – Science