What is Cirion?

Cirion was founded on the belief that knowledge is the best antivirus. With our communication and education programs we contribute to the formation of a creative, self-aware and socially critical new generation. A generation that knows how viruses develop and how to prevent diseases as effectively as possible. Only in this way can we live in harmony with our environment and remain “in control”.

Our mission

In our rapidly changing world, infectious diseases, old and new, have an ever greater impact on our society. The rapid spread of infectious diseases is seen as a serious threat to the modern world in which we live. We find solutions to combat these diseases in modern technical innovations. Consider the development of new, safe and effective vaccines. But prevention is and will remain of vital importance to prevent the further spread of infectious diseases – especially for vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. Public information and education are the cornerstone for this.

Cirion’s ambition is to further develop and innovate our programs in 2019-2022 in order to increase the reach and thus the effect of knowledge as prevention. In addition, we want to boost research into virus infections when it is needed rapidly in “emerging” and “outbreak” situations, like the COVID-19 pandemic.