Our weekly update of the Corona news worldwide 1 – 7 June 2020



  1. Sanquin, the blood bank organisation, collected blood samples from May 10-20, revealing that 5.5% of Dutch blood donors have coronavirus antibodies. This is an increase from the 3% of the blood donors from April. – Dutch News
  2. England now has issued a new face mask rule: face coverings must be worn while on public transport. – The Guardian



  1. Peru has reported more than 170,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, despite taking action to prevent coronavirus spread by installing one of the first lockdowns in South America. A growing number of people are dying at home as hospitals struggle to handle a flood of cases. – New York Times
  2. In the United States, businesses have begun to reopen, but people are taking to the streets to protest racism in light of the George Floyd murder. Concerns grow that with these protests and early reopenings, COVID-19 transmission will soar. Already, states are noticing a significant rise in cases. – The Atlantic



  1. Doctors in Rwanda are trying to minimise coronavirus transmission by using robots. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) donated the three sleek white robots to the country to carry out simple tasks like taking temperatures and monitoring patients. – Reuters



  1. Within a 24-hour time period, Iran recorded 3,000 new coronavirus cases, a 2-month high. This new spike in cases is sparking fears of a second wave of infections as lockdowns ease in one of the Middle East’s most infected countries. – The Guardian
  2. Bangladesh has over 55,000 known COVID-19 cases and its first death from within a refugee camp on May 31. – New York Times


Research & Technology:

  1. According to a Dutch study, children under 12 are not major spreaders of COVID-19. However, the researchers’ sample may not have been a true representation of the Dutch population. – Reuters
  2. The World Health Organization claims that, based on multiple genomic studies, the coronavirus is not mutating into a more dangerous strain. However, that doesn’t mean the pandemic is any less dangerous as people begin to spread the virus as more restrictions get lifted. – CNN