Today, the 23rd of March, Viruskenner 2016 started in Indonesia! With an interesting program including speakers from Dr Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya as well as from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam we introduced the current 10th grade students from high school SMA Negeri 16 in the field of viruses. About 360 students from 9 classes will participate in the Viruskenner project this year. Each class will focus on one of the following viruses: influenza, HIV, MERS-CoV, measles, dengue/zika, hepatitis B, rabies, norovirus and hantavirus. Students will work in small groups on the development of a new prevention tool for these viruses for the coming 8 weeks. They will be coached by residents from the department of Internal Medicine, division of Tropical and Infectious Diseases of Dr. Soetomo Hospital. We hope all students will enjoy working on the project and learn a lot about prevention of virus infections!