Planet Virus is celebrating their expansion! Why? Because we’ve got great news! The European Union has allocated a grant to Planet Virus. With this grant we can improve and expand the project. Last year we could include a primary school in Surinam to the participating schools. This year a secondary school from Surinam will be added too. The school is called Ewald Meijer Lyceum in Paramaribo. Besides the expansion in Surinam, we could involve another country too. Indonesia is a new participant of Planet Virus! SMA Negeri 16 (SMA =¬†Sekolah Menengah Atas), a secondary school in Surabaya, is excited to be introduced to Planet Virus.

Uitbreiding Indonesie en Suriname

The delicacies above were made by Simone Goeijenbier, to celebrate the expansion of the project!