The last months participants have been busy with the project, worldwide. They gained knowledge and awareness about viruses and then – the most important part – created in teams prevention tools to spread their knowledge. Creativity, societal impact and content are the three important pillars.

After the final days of Viruskenner in Italy and Suriname last week, we celebrated the finale for high schools in The Netherlands this week.

What. A. Day!

All the participating schools in The Netherlands sent their selected teams to Rotterdam. The day started with pitches of these teams for small juries. Next to the pitches there was a fun program with a theatre workshop about stigma and taboo surrounding HIV/AIDS and a workshop where participants were challenged to make a poster about a certain virus and transmission route.

In the afternoon it was finale time! The morning juries selected six teams to present their prevention tool for the national jury. We’ve seen great ideas and products: special soap, app alerts, games, a ‘RibaBin’, websites and a catchy song that will stick in your mind!

After the presentations the participants played the Viruskenner knowledge quiz, with the central question: who is the Dutch, high school, Viruskenner expert of 2019?

The day was closed with the moment of truth. The juries announced the three winning groups. Congratulations teams from Ulenhof Doetinchem and Keizer Karel College with your great products: the Ebola app alert, the vegan soap that keeps ticks on a distance and the animal friendly RibaBin to prevent rats from spreading the Lassa virus.

Thank you very much to ALL the schools, teachers, participants and people involved to make this edition one to remember!