Yesterday was the day all students of SMA16 and the Viruskenner-Team looked so much forward to: the day that the Kick-Off of Viruskenner 2017 finally took place in Surabaya, Indonesia with all classes from X-MIA- classes. But not only the students and Viruskenner-team were there, many of the teachers and the Head Master drs. Hari and Vice Head Master drs. Razzaq attended the ceremony as well. They were accompanied by dr. Musofa and his residents from dr. Soetomo Hospital, who will be assisting the students as coaches.

Nearly 400 students received much information on the project, as well as some viruses in general to be able to get properly started with the project. The atmosphere was friendly and exciting, and the Viruskenner team never felt so welcomed and encouraged to make this an even better edition. We can’t wait to see what all the students come up with. This year’s edition will be the third year, we’re off to a great start and you know what they say: Third time is a charm!