Viruskenner has started with a wonderful kick-off on wednesday the 22nd of april! 350 pupils and the board and teachers of the secondary school SMA Negeri 16 in Surabaya were present. After all the students had filled in the questionnaire, dr. Purwati opened the kick-off. With a great ‘Selamat pagi!’ and a beautiful song we started. The dutch scientists from the Erasmus Medical Center, Prof Eric and coaches Wesley, Marco and Rory, all had a short talk about virology. The dutch teacher Rutger closed the meeting with a motivational talk for the pupils and he explained how the project works in the Netherlands. As we have seen very enthusiastic students who asked very smart questions, we think they will succeed in creating an effective prevention tool for virus infections. We are looking forward to see their presentations at the 30th of july of this year!

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