May 23rd, the Final Day of Viruskenner 2016 in Surabaya, Indonesia, took place. This second year of the Viruskenner project at SMAN (high school) 16 was another success, with loads of information about the viruses and some outstanding movies.

In the last eight weeks, students worked together on one of the different viruses:  Dengue/Zika, Influenza, Measles, HIV, Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Hantavirus, MERS-CoV and Rabies. Students had to combine the job with their studies and other projects, while they also had to prepare some interim presentations for their coaches!

After one of their exams, the presentation room filled itself with about 300 excited students, the Viruskenner team, coaches of the RSUD Dr. Soetomo Hospital and teachers from SMAN 16. It was clear the students took their effort to get to know the viruses. Some groups had very nice, fun and educative movies. Others presented their product, such as a do-it-yourself rodent trap and a face/palm sanitizer to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV. After the presentations, the famous Viruskenner quiz took place. The students really seemed to have learned a lot about the topics!

Finally, the judges of RSUD Dr. Soetomo had a tough job to choose the winners… MERS-CoV (X-MIA VIII) was the winner for having the best scientifically contents, but actually also design of their product. The judges choose HIV (X-MIA IV) for having the best best prevention tool; in the form of a professional presentation and supplementary movie.

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