It was a beautiful day! Today, the 30th of July, the final day of Viruskenner 2015 in Indonesia took place. 350 students from the tenth grade of senior high school 16 in Surabaya worked for 3 months on the project. And the results were amazing. From all ten classes, that all studied a different virus, the best groups were chosen to present today. X-MIA 1 had an interactive presentation about dengue and X-MIA 2 made an interesting powerpoint about Ebola. X-MIA 3 showed a very good introductory movie and an animation movie about how to prevent hantavirus. X-MIA 4 performed a play including videos about hepatitis C. After an impressive opening, X-MIA 5 demonstrated how measles virus can be transmitted from human to human. X-MIA 6 translated their knowledge about HIV into an appealing movie and made a beautiful poster to show ways how to prevent HIV infections. X-MIA 7 showed a detailed movie about the pathogenesis of influenza infections. The next group, X-MIA 8, interviewed Surabaya people to introduce MERS Coronavirus and created an interactive song about hygiene. X-IIS-2 had a powerpoint presentation about rhinovirus and X-IIS-1, finally presented the norovirus by a powerpoint presentation as well.

All these groups did a great job! While the judges were in consideration, the Viruskenner quiz took place. The knowledge of all 350 students was tested by a live two-choice quiz. Every student could vote for his or her answer by holding up a colored card. Finally, one student in the front, named Robert, was the winner!

The awards for the winning teams of Viruskenner were announced after. The third price was for X-MIA 3! X-MIA 6 was awarded with the second price for giving the most original presentation. The first price of Viruskenner 2015 in Indonesia was for X-MIA 8, who held the presentation with the best content!

Many thanks to the principal and the board of SMAN 16, all teachers that were involved, dr Purwati, dr Musofa, dr Helmi, the mentors for the groups, the judges, MC Jessica and all the students of this school!

And a lot of thanks to the European Union, the department of Viroscience (Erasmus MC), the Cirion Foundation, all the coaches and MC Valery for this wonderful event and results!

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