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Dr. Marco Goeijenbier

For me Cirion gives me the opportunity to actually make a difference. Cirion funds (small) start up projects in a phase where it normally is (too) challenging to get funding. By this way of working Cirion facilitates the development of innovative ideas in to sustainable projects, of which Viruskenner is a perfect example. After finishing medical school at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in 2010 I had the change to follow the Research Master of Science program: “Infection and Immunity” at the Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine. The combination of more laboratory minded research with clinical studies give unique opportunities, in which Cirion plays an important role by connecting the parties involved. Many of the studies published in mijn PhD thesis are the result of collaborations originally set up by the Cirion network. In 2016 I started working as a medical doctor in the Havenziekenhuis, in Rotterdam, specialized in tropical infections and travel medicine. Beside clinical and teaching duties I remain largely involved with the Cirion research part with collaborating laboratories in Ireland (University College Dublin Proteome Core Center), Vantaa, Indonesia and Suriname (Public health laboratory Suriname).