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the impact of infectious diseases


Study on effectiveness of vaccination in immunocompromised subjects Study on improvement of vaccination strategies for immunocompromised patients and the development of a patient pathway

Individuals with immune deficiencies are at increased risk for infectious diseases compared to general population. In addition, the responsiveness after immunization can be diminished due to impaired function of monocytes, B cells and/or T cells as well as other co-morbidity, certain drugs and age. Exposure to infectious pathogens sharply increases during travel, with heterogeneity and frequency depending on geographic location. We aim to increase our knowledge of cellular and humoral responses after vaccination in the setting of immune compromised hosts and investigate travel related infections in general.

Research team:
o Prof. Eric C.M. van Gorp
o Dr. M. Goeijenbier MD PhD Msc
o W. de Jong MD 
o L. Doornekamp MD 
o R. Gruters Msc