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the impact of infectious diseases

Prof. dr. Eric van Gorp

Cirion; a creative and innovative multidisciplinary network in the world of infectious diseases. Cirion, as a multidisciplinary network, signals, creates, stimulates and initiates programs on 'prevention by knowledge' and 'improved treatment by better understanding'. As a medical doctor and infectiologist/virologist I work, on different continents, in the field of new and emerging virus infections. Despite the fact that new drugs and vaccines are developed infectious diseaes are still a threat to large populations due to morbidity, mortality and socio-economic decline. Working on solutions; that is exactly where Cirion stands for. Identifying local needs and combine multidisciplinary expertise to work on creative and innovative solutions. Knowledge still is the cornerstone of infectious disease prevention. The spread of knowledge as a prevention tool is one of the focus points of Cirion. Viruskenner; an education tool created by Cirion Viruskenner with the slogan 'knowledge as antivirus' is an international education and exchange program for scholars in 4 countries on 4 continents. Cirion initiated and developed the program; the program is supported by the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.