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HiTEMP is the acronym of Higher diagnostic accuracy and cost-effectiveness using biomarkers for Treatment in Emergency Medicine Patients with fever

Despite much technological progress , this seemingly simple question still remains difficult to answer for the attending physician. HI TEMP is a collaboration between the Erasmus University departments of Viroscience, Internal Medicine and Clinical Chemistry together with the Institute of Health Policy & Management (iBMG), which is also part of the Erasmus university. Within the setting of the emergency department, Yuri van der Does, as a PhD, is studying the added value of Procalcitonin, a new biomarker, as a predictor of infection and especially as a marker for distinguishing between infections caused by a bacteria or a different pathogen, for example a virus. Previous studies in primary and intensive care settings have already shown that Procalcitonin is a reliable marker as an instrument for making a safe choice as to whether antibiotics should be prescribed or not. Earlier, Martijn de Kruif and Maarten Limper studied the role of different biomarkers including Procalcitonin in various patient populations and in various infections in the Netherlands, Indonesia and the Caribbean. In addition to the importance of Procalcitonin, the HI TEMP study also includes innovative research into possible new biomarkers for the future.

If the results of this biomarker study advocate the introduction of Procalcitonin, it is expected that this will lead to more efficient diagnostics and fewer unnecessary antibiotics being prescribed. This will reduce cost reduction and prevent large-scale antibiotic insensitivity.

Research team:

o Prof. Eric C.M. van Gorp

o Dr. Maarten Limper MD

o Yuri van der Does MD

o Prof. Peter Patka

o Dr. Pleunie Rood