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Eye diseases in HIV-Infected individuals in rural South Africa

New project on Eye diseases in HIV infected individuals: collaboration of Harbour Hospital and Erasmus MC, department of Viroscience

The Viroscience department form Erasmus MC, together with the Eye hospital in Rotterdam and ANOVA, a local NGO active in South Africa, initiated a project to create the infrastructure to diagnose, prevent and treat patients with eye infections related to HIV/AIDS. 

HIV/AIDS being a major health concern claiming millions of lives each year, is widely known, thanks to extensive media coverage. Far less attention, however, goes to a major consequence of HIV infection: increased susceptibility to eye diseases. And yet, the World Health Organisation estimates that 80% of all visual impairment in developing countries can be cured or could have been avoided.

The eye infections in HIV infected individuals project is set up with the explicit aim to improve the life quality of HIV infected patients in South Africa. Research into the most frequent eye diseases in HIV infected patients will allow us to design better prevention and treatment strategies. In addition, our project will stimulate professional care in rural areas where this is virtually non-existent. 

The operational costs are an estimated €250,000 per annum (€750,000 to cover the project’s 3 years run time), with an additional non-recurring expense of €100,000 to acquire the necessary equipment at the start of the project.

More information is to be found in the brochure. It will be my pleasure to elaborate on the project in a personal meeting on which occasion we might discuss financial support. Hoping you are interested to become partner in the consortium by supporting this project. 

Please transfer your donation to Cirion Foundation under reference “Eye diseases South Africa”. Cirion Foundation [ANBI status], Amstelveen, The Netherlands. ING bank. Account number 9015060  IBAN Code NL94INGB0009015060   BIC: INGBNL2A 

For information please contact:

g.verjans@erasmusmc.nl  or  e.vangorp@erasmusmc.nl