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Dengue research

The first studies on dengue fever were carried out in 1995. Dengue is still a major healthcare problem, mainly in South East Asia and Latin America. A collaborative network of participating institutions and researchers, from both Indonesia and the Netherlands, are working together closely on this research line. The work done so far has resulted in the publication of many articles in international peer-reviewed journals and five PhD programs.

Dengue is a life-threatening infection and a major healthcare problem in large regions of the world, primarily in South East Asia and Latin America. Millions of people, especially children, are at risk every year. Dengue is the most prevalent of the arthropod-borne viral infections. Clinical symptoms may vary from a mild complicated infection, dengue fever (DF), to dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS). DHF and DSS are linked to a relatively high mortality rate (10%).

dengueIt is vital that the pathogenesis of DHF/DSS is unravelled to improve supportive management. A curative treatment or vaccine is not yet available.

The illustration on the right shows Countries / areas reporting dengue cases to the World Health Organisation in 2001.

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  • Studies on the epidemiology, virology and pathophysiology of dengue hemorrhagic fever. 2008-ongoing. Collaboration between University of Diponegoro Semarang/University of Indonesia Jakarta/Slotervaart Teaching Hospital/Erasmus University Rotterdam, dept of virology/AMC dept of experimental Internal medicine.
    PhD student Cox van de Weg

  • Extended studies on the pathophysiology of dengue hemorrhagic fever; studies on hemostasis, immunology, virology and genetic markers aimed at developing intervention strategies. Granted by KNAW-SPIN, 2001-2007.
    PhD A.T.A. Mairuhu, PhD September 2006 and T.E. Setiati. PhD December 2006.
    Nijmegen PhD P. Koraka PhD September 2007, Rotterdam.

  • Studies on the pathophysiology of dengue hemorrhagic fever. Granted by KNAW-SPIN, 1997-2001. Collaboration between Slotervaart Hospital/Academic Hospital Nijmegen/Academic Hospital Rotterdam, dept of virology/AMC dept of experimental Internal medicine/University of Diponegoro (UNDIP) Semarang, Indonesia.
    PhD ECM Van Gorp, May 2001 and C. Suharti, September 2001, Nijmegen.