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A selection of the complete publication list from the various projects is given below.

The effect of initiating combined antiretroviral therapy on endothelial cell activation and coagulation markers in South African HIV-infected individuals

Jong E, Louw S, van Gorp EC, Meijers JC, Ten Cate H, Jacobson BF. Thromb Haemost. 2010 Dec 1;104(6):1228-34.

Predictors and treatment strategies of HIV-related fatigue in the combined antiretroviral therapy era.

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The diagnostic role of procalcitonin and other biomarkers in discriminating infectious from non-infectious fever.

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Coagulation disorders in patients with severe leptospirosis are associated with severe bleeding and mortality.

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Effect of HIV viral load, CD4 cell count and antiretroviral therapy on human papillomavirus prevalence in urine samples of HIV-infected men.

Jong E, van Gorp EC, Mulder JW, Tol A, Smits PH.; Int J STD AIDS. 2009 Apr;20(4):262-4.

The prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in paired urine and cervical smear samples of HIV-infected women.

Jong E, Mulder JW, van Gorp EC, Wagenaar JK, Derksen J, Westerga J, Tol A, Smits PH.; J Clin Virol. 2008 Feb;41(2):111-5.

Influenza infection and the risk of acute pulmonary embolism

van Wissen M, Keller TT, Ronkes B, Gerdes VE, Zaaijer HL, van Gorp EC, Brandjes DP, Levi M, B├╝ller HR.; Thromb J. 2007 Oct 16;5:16.

Dengue disease severity in Indonesian children: an evaluation of the World Health Organization classification system

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What role do coagulation disorders play in the pathogenesis of leptospirosis?

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Is chronic HIV infection associated with venous thrombotic disease? A systematic review.

Klein SK, Slim EJ, de Kruif MD, Keller TT, ten Cate H, van Gorp EC, Brandjes DP.

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Genetic influences on dengue virus infections.

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Dengue: an arthropod-borne disease of global importance.

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Treating viral hemorrhagic fever.

Mairuhu AT, Brandjes DP, van Gorp EC.; IDrugs. 2003 Nov;6(11):1061-6. Review.

Infections and endothelial cells.

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Infection and inflammation and the coagulation system.

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Is the clinical outcome of dengue-virus infections influenced by coagulation and fibrinolysis? A critical review of the evidence.

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Serological evidence of human hantavirus infections in Indonesia.

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Impaired fibrinolysis in the pathogenesis of dengue hemorrhagic fever.

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Kinetics of dengue virus-specific serum immunoglobulin classes and subclasses correlate with clinical outcome of infection.

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Review: infectious diseases and coagulation disorders.

van Gorp EC, Suharti C, ten Cate H, Dolmans WM, van der Meer JW, ten Cate JW, Brandjes DP.; J Infect Dis. 1999 Jul;180(1):176-86. Review.