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Leanne van Leeuwen

Leanne van Leeuwen was born in 1992. After finishing Gymnasium at Bonaventura college in Leiden; she started to study medicine in the same city. In her first year of university, she rowed in the freshmen’s varsity eight. During her masters she was selected to participated in the Leiden Leadership Programme, a part of the honours academy. In addition to studying, she worked as a ski instructor during the winter holidays. After graduation, she worked as a doctor in different departments for two years (cardiology, intensive care, pulmonology) before starting as a Phd-candidate in the Department of Viroscience at the Erasmus Medical Centre in 2020. She will focus on the effectiveness of vaccination programmes in order to optimize vaccine coverage in the Netherlands. In addition to her job as PhD candidate, she provides training in a children's circus on a voluntary basis.