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Marco Goeijenbier

Marco Goeijenbier was born on the 17th of April 1986 in Voorburg, the Netherlands. In this city he attended the gymnasium of College ‘t Loo, from which he graduated in 2004. In 2004, directly after high school, Marco started medical school at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) finishing it in 2010. He developed interest for physiology and the mechanisms underlying disease already early during his studies. During his internships this interest was further encouraged by Prof. dr. E.C.M. van Gorp and dr. J.F.P Wagenaar which resulted in the first research projects at the Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam in collaboration with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). In 2010 he had the opportunity to follow the Research Master of Science programme: “Infection and Immunity” at the Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine of which he graduated in 2012 ‘Cum Laude’. Early 2011 he started as a PhD student at the department of Viroscience of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam under supervision of Prof.dr. A.D.M.E Osterhaus, Prof.dr. E.C.M van Gorp and Dr. B.E.E Martina. Furthermore, he started working as a traveler’s physician with the prior goal to advise the immune compromised patient with proper vaccination and travel policy under the supervision of Prof.dr. A. Verbon, Dr. J. Nouwen, Dr. K. Schurink and Prof.dr. E.C.M. van Gorp. In August 2015 he started working at the department of internal medicine of the Harbour hospital (Havenziekenhuis) in Rotterdam with the goal to specialize in internal medicine.