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Wesley de Jong

Wesley de Jong graduated from Erasmus MC as medical doctor in 2013. During his study he participated in the board of the medical faculty association, and was part of setting up a team with student teachers for teaching First Aid to medical students. He was part of advisory boards for the medical faculty association and the board of directors of the Erasmus MC. Wesley’s interest for (global) infectious diseases was already present as a result of his preference for traveling. It strenghtened while working during his period as physician at internal medicine/gastroenterlogy at the Amphia hospital in Breda (2013-2014). He was intrigued by clinical ill patients: “it is a challenge to diagnose a case as quickly as possible to start adequate treatment, or to just lay back and give supportive treatment because you’re sure the disease will cure cure itself”. After meeting Eric van Gorp he teamed up with the research group on exotic viruses of the department of Viroscience, Erasmus MC. Wesley currently works as PhD student on several topics. A major part of his project consists of an international collaboration in the SEMESTER study with researchers in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is part of a long and fruitfull collaboration of the RSUD Dr. Soetomo hospital, Faculty of medicine of Airlangga university and Institute of Tropical Disease and the Netherlands. It focuses on epidemiology, diagnostics and pathofysiology of (viral) fever cases. One of the goals is to support and implement viral diagnostic methods in Surabaya. He also is involved in working as medical doctor at the Erasmus MC travelclinic, where he performs research on vaccination of healthy individuals and people with an altered immune system. Wesley further participates in the iHIVARNA consortium, which is an EU supported HIV consortium on vaccination of HIV infected people on stable treatment. Lastly, Wesley is coach for the Viruskenner project in the Netherlands and Indonesia (Surabaya).