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Marlies Wagener

Marlies Wagener (1977) studied physiotherapy at the University of Applied Sciences in Breda. She graduated in 1999. Subsequently, from 1999 till 2002 she studied Health Sciences in Maastricht. She completed her Master Thesis about collaboration in work and health. After seven years of working in the work and health sector (KLM Health Services, EMcare), she started in 2009 as researcher and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Centre of Knowledge Innovations in Care. Her first project was the development of the guideline on HIV and work. This guideline was presented in March 2012. From here she was involved in the TREVI-study in the Netherlands and Barbados in which she focusses on HIV and work. She is also involved in a research project on the Industrial School for girls at Barbados. In this study, five students of the University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam will investigate issues, such as STD’s, and psychosocial functioning among sexually and/or mentally abused girls.