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Marga Goris

Marga Goris, M.Sc., is coordinator of the WHO Leptospirosis Reference Laboratory since 2000, and as such has experience with setting-up and implementing quality assurance systems (ISO 15189). Her research interests are diagnostics, epidemiology and pathogenesis of leptospirosis. Currently she is preparing her Ph.D. thesis. She teaches at international courses on laboratory methods for leptospirosis. Education and prior work, special functions She joined KIT Biomedical Research after obtaining an MSc in Applied parasitology and medical entomology at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and working as a staff member for Médécins sans Frontières-Holland in Africa and Asia. At KIT Biomedical Research she started at the rapid diagnostic group where she was involved in the development of rapid tests for diagnosis of leptospirosis, brucellosis, typhoid and yellow fever. She has been involved in short-time consultancies to Southern and Northern Sudan and Ethiopia to set up and assess diagnostic facilities for tuberculosis and leishmaniasis.