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Founded in 2000, Cirion stimulates the collaboration between local and international experts and, in so doing, facilitates a multidisciplinary and integrated approach towards creating solutions for infectious diseases.

Despite improved sanitation and the availability of effective antibiotics and vaccines, infectious diseases are still a major cause of disability, death and socio-economical decline for millions of people all over the world.

To facilitate sustained development in the field of prevention and clinical management strategies, Cirion initiates and supports a wide range of programs in the field of infectious diseases.

Cirion develops integrated education and research programs and initiatives in local communities. These programs focus on the consistency of healthcare, food and agriculture, socio-economic aspects and the environment.

Cirion's projects improve clinical care by contributing to a better infrastructure for healthcare facilities and a clearer understanding of the complex mechanisms of infectious diseases.

Infectious diseases are a societal issue. Cirion therefore wants to bridge the gap between science and society.

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